4 Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

December 30, 2019

Errors in remodeling are frequent. Some are easily corrected or are not so annoying. And some can result in a major headache. Sometimes we consult with professionals without sufficient  experience or with outdated licenses. 

In this article, we will tell you about 4 common mistakes when remodeling or expanding the home. 

1. Lack of funds

There are renovations in which you need to consult with multiple experts. However, this does not mean that you have an exact figure in advance, issues arise, material costs go up.  We work hard to provide solid numbers for their desired scope of work, however it never hurts to be prepared finically in the event issues arise. Running out of money halfway or in the face of unforeseen events can leave you with the work standing for weeks, months, or who knows how long.

2. Buying cheap materials sometimes can be costly

Sometimes, builders or specialists give you a choice between various types of materials for the work. The economic ones are, without a doubt, very tempting. However, you have to think and evaluate the durability and resistance of each component. An example is window glass: thin glass is more prone to accidents. In the case of tiles, the most economical enamels tend to chip too quickly.

3. Poor design

You must be well trained, sharp, and have a conscious vision to plan for renovate seriously. An architect, designer and contractor who works well together can give you a plan on how to better take advantage of the space you plan to change. 

4. Obtain the necessary permits 

Be sure to find out ahead of time what kind of permission you need for the renovation you plan. Sometimes they are not necessary, but if they are required, you may face problems like, fines, delays. Permits require some time, so be sure about it before starting the work.

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