A Cabin in the Woods: BUILD

March 16, 2020

It’s been a desire of mine from some time, to have a secluded place for rest. There when you need to get away, a place to take my children where they can run outdoors and have a less electronic childhood.

After looking at several properties over the years, we found a smaller lot in rural NW Mississippi. 5 acres 30 minutes SE of Collierville, TN. It’s seems to be the perfect size for newbies, never having cared for land, mature pines litter the grounds, in pristine rows. The reminder of past landowners’ intentions to harvest the logs, now providing the cover to hopefully mitigate those stuffy Mississippi summer days and nights.

After doing research for small cabin plans, we found a plan online, free of charge. https://tinyhousetalk.com/how-to-build-your-own-tiny-cabin/ I’m confident we’ll make some changes along the way.  Our cabin will be built off-grid without water or electricity at first.  Perhaps one day installing solar panels, a well and a septic system.

This blog series will document our progress as the build begins.

After locating an area, we felt was clear and flat we marked out or foundation using stakes and string. For our foundation we are setting 9 4×4 posts below the frost line in a rectangle shape that’s 16 x 12, as called for by our plans.  Without water we set our post with fast-dry concrete (½ bag per hole). Within an hour they had set up firmly and would only get stronger as rain was moving in that night and the ground was pretty wet already. Since the weather had been wet for multiple weeks prior to our start.

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