How to pay your contractor….

October 1, 2019

We hear and see it time and time again. I paid my contractor and they took the money and ran. What can you do to not fall victim to this age-old problem?

First, deal with professionals ask to see their business license, get a certificate of insurance, check out their associations with third-party groups such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or others like the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) and social media. A company with a long “paper trail” is less likely a “fly by night” and should be easier to track down in the event you get stiffed.

Second, It’s ok not to pay until the job is complete. Our policy at Germantown Home Pros is typically if the project lasts less than a week we’ll collect payment after the job is completed and our client is 100% satisfied. We do this to build trust and ensure our clients get what they expected and are paying for. In the event of a larger project that lasts several weeks typically we follow the 33-33-33 rule. We collect 33% upfront, 33% halfway done, 33% when we’re completed.

Additionally, consider proposals, are they hand-written? Are they sent electronically? These are a few more signs that speak to the professionalism of your contractor. Consider how payment is collected, technology has made it easier than ever to accept credit card payments with services offered by Square and other processing systems.

If you consider all this the next time your hiring a contractor, it should prevent the frustration of dealing with a crook, disguised as a home remodeler.

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